Friday, May 13, 2011


With the car gone for a little while, I got to work on getting the carbs all cleaned up and rebuilt. I think the biggest lesson on rebuilding anything is what you learn by taking it apart. I didn't take any pictures of this process as it's self explanatory. As you take them apart keep everything from one carb separate from the others, staying organized is key.

Find a shop that has a sonic cleaner, this works far better than just soaking it. (make sure they keep your parts separate) 

 Here are all the internal parts in their separate bags. Spray some wd-40 in the bag and work it into all the parts.

Before you start get this book, even if you don't run Webers there's plenty you can learn from this literature. Also needed is a quality rebuild kit (got mine from pegasus racing) and all the tools you used to take the carbs apart. I also got new bearing for the throttle shaft.

Get organized! lay out all your parts so they are easy to find as you put things back together. Also take the extra time to give all the jets and other fuel passages a good extra cleaning.

Do your reading before you start and take your time, clean carbs makes a world of difference down the road.

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