Monday, May 16, 2011


If I had to choose to buy a sport bike as of today. I probably wouldn't think twice to say a Ducati 748. Wiki info

 Now I'm sure that you read the word Ducati and you just assumed this thing come with a heavy price tag. Who wouldn't? These Italian pieces of artwork share more than just their red paint with their four wheel cousin, Ferrari, these two share a long and dominant history in the motor sport world.
Here is where my dillema starts. Even with the fancy red paint and the catchy Italian name one of these 748's can be had for under 6k. A small price to pay for such a machine. Not too mention these aren't too hard to find, my local Craigslist has three for sale. The one below is available with boxes of extra parts all for $5,995.

The same Craigslist has nearly a hundred adds for Yamaha R6's. More than half of those going for more than the Ducati. Don't get me wrong the R6 just like the Cbr and Gsxr are wonderful bikes, some may even argue they are better than the Ducati. However I don't think i would look twice at any of those if they passed me on the road. I really don't even like the idea of owning a newer sport bike, but as I said earlier if  I had to choose this beauty would be an easy exception to make.

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