Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Battle of Gettysburg

Today was a memorable day for this whole Datsun project.

Took what was left of the car to get sandblasted and sealed. It's going to be exciting to have a clean and bare canvas to work with. To quote another blog this is where the project goes from a tear down to a build.

I wish I had more time and a better camera with me cause around the sandblast shop is just littered with gold. Lincoln continentals, 32 ford bodies, a row of 40's patty wagons, impalas, I meant there's over 100 cars out there. Supposedly the land owner is a bit of a tightwad but actually is willing to part with these cars for the right price.

Oh and Dustin's fox body is also at the body shop getting some fresh paint!


  1. wow, this is great man, hope my Z-project will soon be at this stage :)

  2. Thanks man. I've visited your blog many of times. I love your ek. I'm glad you're building that thing right and getting the most out of it. They are beautiful machines, I miss my integra :(