Saturday, June 18, 2011


Off to Houston, TX to pick up these for a pretty fair price.

After searching for wheels to fit the Z with no luck, I decided that it would actually be cheaper to buy a cheap set and have them custom built to the sizes I need. I'm thinking 15x9 -25 and 15x10 -40 should be right. Any suggestions please comment!


  1. Cool blog..are these your Champs?? I wanna buy a set myself! LMK

  2. Thanks! yeah going to use these for the z once i get them re-barreled.

  3. i'm catching up on your blog and not sure if you've done this already or plan to, but i'd be interested to know if 15's fit over bigger brakes.

    i was able to fit 17/9.5 under the stock arches without flairing. of course i havent driven around yet, so we'll see how long that lasts, i'm worried the 17's look a bit big but it's hard to tell without the car fully assembled.

  4. What kind of big brakes are you talking here? The typical toyota calipers most use?

    The toyota truck brakes fit and can clear even 14in wheels given the right hub clearance. There are plenty of folks using 17in wheels on z's, specially now that rota made a popular size.

    The nice thing about 16's and 17's is a wider tire selection.