Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AHHH!! A typo are you kidding me?!

So to aid me in putting the engine back together I had been using this piece of fine American literature:
It's honestly great, very descriptive and really simple to find what you need. Very handy to have around in order to look up a quick torque spec or tightening sequence. It however let me down, I would even venture to call it an EPIC FAIL.
Clear as day the manual states the cam tower bolts should be torqued to 30ft/lbs. I ended up striping out 2 threads!!!! I check another manual and on hybrid Z and those bolts are to be torqued to 7ft/lbs! Dammit!
So next post will be on thread repairs....yay!

However even after this I'm still ordering this book by the same folks. That will better help me with carb and cam tuning.


  1. You're not the only one. Bastards!

  2. Ya they also had the valve lash specs wrong, they mixed up mm and inches. Now I'm having to double check everything to be on the safe side.
    Thanks for checking out my blog man, your car is a big inspiration!