Sunday, December 11, 2011


Bribed some buddies with chicken and waffles into helping with the car today. Got quite a bit done; dropped the front and rear subframes, and disassembled the entire front end. Most of the bearings and brake parts were actually in great shape, however all new parts will be replacing them anyways. With a cold and wet day outside it was great having the large insulated shop to work in, I almost feel spoiled at this point. Never worked in anything beyond a one car garage and a car port, one could really get use to this...

The next step is clean up some welding in the bay and then undercoat the car. At that point the new suspension parts will make their way back on, and the car will start getting ready to be painted. Hopefully doing all the undercoating and suspension before paint is the right way to go, seems to make sense to me.


  1. looks great. have been stuck at this point quite a while now :D

  2. Well I only have the shop for a month so the plan is to do the frame rails, undercoat, and do all the suspension and brakes in that time...we'll see how it goes.

  3. Do you still check this site at all, or have a valid contact e-mail?