Sunday, September 11, 2011


Lots going on in the last few months. San Antonio has been in the worst drought since the early 90's and yet with no rain in site. So we've been having a miserable summer. I work on the car outside so needless to say progress has been slow. Thankfully the weather has been finally getting better and we got some things done on the car. Had some friends over and cleaned up some surface rust that had developed over the last month. I also got a chance to drill and cut the front fenders for the flares.



  1. Looking good man. and thanks for the first pic. have been looking for a picture from the upper taillight mounts now for a while. t he previous owner cut mine, so now i have to rebuild it.. argh! looking forward to see more progress :) cya - JDMJ

  2. My car is a 280z so the back panel is going to be different then yours. Hopefully it'll still be of some help to you.

    Work should be slowing down so hopefully I'll be making more progress on the car.