Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coming full circle; ITB miata build

Over a year ago I took ownership of a raggedy '91 Miata. I got it up and running with a simple turbo set up and had a blast with it. With other projects in mind, I soon had the little guy up for sale. Here's where it comes full circle. I sold it to a guy named Stoly who quickly became a good friend. Over the past year he has transformed this Miata into quite the little monster. With rare parts from all over the world, Zoom, Barchetta, Trap, AST, and KG works just to name a few this car is quite unique. Even the engine set up is not something you see everyday, built 1.6 with Jenvey ITB's.

Stoly has never taken on a project like this before but as you can see that didn't stop him from putting together quite the build, all in his own garage with the help of his wife. This is Modern Kulture.

More info on the car can be obtained from his build thread on CR.

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