Friday, April 1, 2011

Engine painting

The Z engine is back from the machine shop. Had the following done:

Block bored and honed .040(1mm) over stock
Rods checked and micro polished
Crank balanced and micro polished
New pistons pressed on rods
Valve job (valves regrind, seat resurface, new seals, new Schneider springs and retainers)
Block and head resurfaced

It was a nice sunny day with little wind so I decided to go ahead and paint the block and head. My buddy Zach was over at the shop and gave me a hand.

Everything taped off and ready for primer:

Coat of primer:

Here are the results:

I usually use VHT paint but they were out so I used this. Hope its just as strong:

Oh and did I mention Im running flat-tops:

Good progress for the day. I also cleaned out the garage which it has been needing it. On another note if you live in Texas you need to check out The lone Star Round Up hot rod and classics show in Austin!!

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